Immoral Discipline​/​Dead On The Streets Split

by Immoral Discipline/Dead On The Streets

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Digital Version of the EP released by Rebel Sound Music on 07/04/14.


released July 4, 2014

Immoral Discipline is: Shawn Leahy- Vocals, Len Bannach- Guitar, Nick Thompson- Bass, John Schmitt- Guitar, Phil Watkins- Drums. Recorded by Dave "I don't know what the hell I'm doing" Maguire at Crashbox Rehearsal & Recording Studio, Mixed by Kevin, Mastered by Tom Brown.

Dead On The Streets is: Steve Miller- Vocals, AJ Falcione- Guitar, Brett Lindblom- Bass, PJ Hartwig- Drums. Recorded and Produced by Marc Giuliani at Retrograde Audio, Mastered by Tom Brown.

Front and back cover artwork by Craig Holloway.



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Immoral Discipline D.C.

Immoral Discipline was formed in '86 by Shawn Leahy, Bill Gerber and Jimmy Wood (RIP). Many members followed, including Todd Greene, who joined ranks after Jimmy's tragic death.

The band became a staple in the American Oi! movement before disbanding in '89.

In 2011, after releasing a retrospective CD featuring all of the band's studio material, Shawn revived Immoral Discipline with new blood...
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Track Name: Immoral Discipline- Riff RAF
Riff RAF

You're sitting around with nothing to do
Might as well slander a band or few
Your stupid witch-hunt makes us sick!
You're worse than those that you oppose
And your minds are just as closed
Bunch of self-righteous pricks!

You're scum, you're trash!
You're the new fash!
You're shit, you're a laugh!
You're nothing but riff RAF!
Riff RAF! (x4)
Fuck you!

You're sitting around in your small towns
Trying to get our shows shut down
You're all so full of shit!
'Cuz we don't think just like you do
And we don't share your political views
Bunch of fucking hypocrites!

(Repeat Chorus)
Fuck off!

Lyrics- Shawn Leahy
Music- Nick Thompson &
Immoral Discipline (’12)
Track Name: Immoral Discipline- Stay At Home Skinhead
Stay At Home Skinhead

You're the kind of pussy
Who fights with a keyboard
Always starting shit online
Every time you get bored
A legend in your own mind-
Internet warrior, through and through
But you never go out to shows
'Cuz you know what we will do to you

Stay at home skinhead
You're a stay at, skin, skin, skin!
Stay at home skinhead
You're a stay at home skin
Just stay at home!

You're the kind of phoney
Who really likes to pose
Always posting pictures
In your latest skinhead clothes
But we never see you out
'Cuz you know it will be your death
So stay at home in mommy's basement
And hold your fucking breath!

(Repeat Chorus)

You're the kind of dumb-ass
Who thinks they know it all
Starting drama every chance you get
Will be your downfall
You never leave your comfort zone
'Cuz you know it will be your end
So stay at home and talk your shit
Because it's the latest trend

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics- Shawn Leahy
Music- Len Bannach &
Immoral Discipline (’12)
Track Name: Immoral Discipline- Worthy Things (Bonus Track)
Worthy Things

In this world we live in
There's little I can see
Not much with any value-
Little integrity
So, I strive to preserve
Preserve what I hold dear
I hold it close up to my heart
It's got me through the years

My friends, my family, my alcohol and me- Oi! Oi! Oi! (x3)
My friends, my family- the only worthy things that I can see!

Wake up every morning
Just to make a buck
And compromise my dignity
But no one gives a fuck
So I'm gonna shave my head
And I'll drink my beer
Devote all of my energy
To those who are sincere

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat First Verse)
(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics- Mike Smyers (R.I.P) &
Shawn Leahy
Music- Mike Smyers (R.I.P.) &
The Steeltown Pubsters (’00)
Track Name: Dead On The Streets- Early Grave
Early Grave

Five AM, it's time to go
Drag myself up, and what's to show?
Working myself to an early grave
Born middle class, guess the road was paved
Blisters on my hands, these boots don't fit
Six long days doesn't feel right
Breakin' my back for the man
Who makes out in the end?

These nights are short
And the days are long
These years pass by
Where did I go wrong?
Working our lives into an early grave
Just to see the week’s ending pay
Giving it all to the upper class
Getting haggard as these years pass

Come home filthy
Covered in dirt
My minds exhausted
And my body hurts
Job after job
Year to year
Feeling like the end is near
How much longer can I live this way?
Killing myself each and every day
They'll take my time
Try to own my life
One thing they'll never take
Is my working class pride

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Lyrics- Steve Miller
Music- AJ Falcione &
Dead On The Streets (’13)
Track Name: Dead On The Streets- America Today
America Today

Unemployment’s on the rise
No longer have a smog filled sky
Too many pink slips in this land
No sympathy for the working man
Go to work, punch the clock
Before you know your time is gone

What's happening to these city streets?
They're crumbling right by my feet
This is not the city we know
Watching the working go poor

Our own cities claiming bankruptcy
But we spend it all on foreign policy
Keep this country in a war
Keep people asking what it's for
No solution to the cause
Our America becoming lost

(Repeat Chorus)

America the beautiful
I think we've let you down
Corruption in the capital
And pollution all around
What is it that happened
To the red, white, and blue?
Our country is a sinking ship
And it's lost within our youth

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics- Steve Miller
Music- AJ Falcione &
Dead On The Streets (’13)
Track Name: Dead On The Streets- Gunning After You (Bonus Track)
Gunning After You

You put yourself
in a path you can't escape
The shit you talked, made your path unsafe
All the bullshit
that came running from your mouth
Harm's way is close
Get packing for the south

I'll be gunning
While you'll be running
I'll keep gunning
Gunning after you


You talk shit on
People that were your friends
Too big for your britches
Caught you in the end
There's nowhere left
safe for you to go
Now you live in hiding
You're nothing but a ghost

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

There's nowhere left,
Safe for you to go!

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Lyrics- Steve Miller
Music- AJ Falcione &
Dead On The Streets ('13)